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Welcome to ANMOL JEEVAN FOUNDATION - De Addiction and Rehabilitation Center - Treatment for Alcohol and Drugs Addiction - Contact : 8080898941

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Welcome to Anmol Jeevan Foundation De-Addiction and Rehabilitation Centre, Virar, Dist. Thane, Maharastra State, is a NGO working in the field of rehabilitation for alcoholics and drug addicts. We are an 'In-House Rehabilitation Centre', which provides supportive environment to a person who has got a problem of chemical dependency. We help restore hope, healing, and health to people affected by addiction to alcohol and other drugs based on the 12 step recovery program.

Conveniently located on the outskirts of the city with easy accessibility by road and by train. Picturesque environment conducive for introspection and calmness.

Call us : +91 8080898941 / 42

Our Mission

"To give hope and help addicts’ bridge relationships with self, family and rejoin society as productive members".

Our Motto

"Creating awareness to lead a healthy and spiritual life without the use of alcohol and drugs".

Our Vision

"Helping the alcoholics/addicts to create a drug free society and lead responsible life".


• Create awareness to the entire family about the ill effects of chemical
• Treat every person with dignity and respect.
• Importance of having a recovery support group to further their recovery.
• Be of service to self, society and God.
• Remain open to innovation and growth.


To create an environment based on scientific studies on chemical dependency and substance abuse and to educate the client and the family about the damaging effects of the same on the individual and family (As in physical, mental, emotional, value /spiritual, relationship, financial, legal and sexual). Also to create awareness about co dependency and the importance of being self supporting.



  Anmol Jeevan Foundation was established with the primary purpose of imparting awareness about chemical dependency and substance abuse and holistically and scientifically treating the chemically dependent and co dependents.

In order to make the existing rehabilitation treatment module for male patients based on the 12 steps program more effective, the residential therapy duration has been broadly categorized into two segments namely I) lasting for 45 days and II) lasting for 90 days, depending on the clients’ profile and the time practically available on their hands. We have a dedicated team of experienced personnel to monitor and orient the clients on the ill effects of chemical dependency and substance abuse and how to recover from them. The therapy encompasses treatment by psychiatrist and psychologist regularly, and general physician as per needs.

Our center is located in lush green surroundings with well ventilated rooms and high standards of cleanliness. The inmates are provided nutritious and hygienic food during their stay. We are striving to serve the society through creating a healthy and spiritual person of the alcoholic and addict.

Your sincerely,
Mr. Amir Surani
(Founder Trustees)
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