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Anmol Jeevan Foundation’s staff and mentors are equipped with an in depth understanding of the recovery process and 12 steps program have come together as a family to serve addicts and their families in the best possible way to lead a sober life style. The team has a true commitment to assist those suffering from alcoholism or addictions, getting them back to being responsible member of society.

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Dr. Shraddha Bhat - Consulting General Physician
  Dr. Shraddha Bhat has over 23years of homoeopathic practice in Khar (West). She has completed DHMS from Maharashtra council in 1993 and was second in merit with Honors in Surgery. She has completed Post-graduate Diploma Certificate (D.H.M.) from British Institute of Homoeopathy, London. She also has completed Diploma in Diet & Nutrition from Tulip International. She has participated in a workshop and training on Addiction medicine organized by the Drug de-addiction Center of excellence, KEM. She has completed a certificate course in personal counselling from Heart to Heart institute. She has great desire to help people come out from clutches of addiction.
Mr. Kishor Jadyar - Sr. Counsellor
  Kishor has worked in the drug and alcohol field for over 10 years. In recovery himself, after getting clean and sober. He has experience working with substance abuse clients in other NGOs. At present he is with AJF and is dedicating himself to those seeking recovery from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol.

He has also secured certification in Para Professional course in Social Work from Nirmala Niketan, Mumbai.
Mr. Shirish Sawant - Counsellor
  Mr. Shirish has worked in the drug and alcohol field for over 18 years. In recovery himself, after getting clean and sober. He has experience working with substance abuse clients in other NGOs.
Mr. Narayan Bhat - Medical Coordinator
  Mr. Bhatt is a Para-medical professional with Indian Navy, Ministry of Defense, and Govt. Of India, post retirement, instead of basking himself in the glories of reminiscing on serving the Nation dedicated himself to contribute his vast experience to the welfare of drug/alcohol afflicted addicts.

Being in-charge of the in-house medical department, is hands on with Detoxification, OPD visits, Blood tests, X-rays and scans , dispensation of medicines daily with special care towards diabetic / mentally unstable / elderly inmates, including hospitalization elsewhere, if necessary.
  Meet our Founder  
Mr. Amir Surani - Founder & Managing Trustee
  Mr. Amir Surani the Founder Trustee of, AJF had long since envisioned a drug and alcohol treatment program which healed not only addiction, but the person as a “whole”. Having had close family and friends fall into addiction. He became focused on finding a new approach to helping them. Seeking out the knowledge from therapists, addiction professionals and recovering addicts. He began to develop approaches to helping people which put an emphasis on healing them from the inside out.

After years of regular visits to many rehab centers in India, Amir began to see just how special the location was. It offered a pristine environment in which anyone could heal and recover in tranquility and harmony. Through discussions with social workers and recovering addicts about the potential of opening a rehab center in Thane district in Maharashtra, he realized there was indeed a need for such a Centre. Moreover, he had the dedications and inclination to serve society at large and to turn his dream and vision into a reality.

Amir also understood that healthy and hygienic food plays an important role in the patients recovery process.

Amir’s vision was to make the 12 steps program available to anyone regardless of their religious background. Considering that addiction itself ruins the financial status of the individual and family the cost of treatment would be as reasonable as possible; ensuring accessibility and affordability to all.

He wanted only the best and sought out some of the foremost addiction experts in the industry. Through careful deliberation he put together a supportive team of professionals encompassing different fields of knowledge.
  A life long dedication to a cause:
  Amir continues to dedicate his life to finding the most effective treatment methods to help people overcome addiction and mental health disorders. He believes that through the scientific approach, compassion, support and dedication anyone can overcome an addiction, find a new reason to live a sober life.
      Your sincerely,
Mr. Amir Surani
(Founder Trustee)
  Our Advisory Committee  
Dr. Ashish Deshpande - Chairman, Advisory Committee
  Dr. Ashish Deshpande is a Graduate and Post Graduate from King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEM) and Seth Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College – Mumbai in Psychiatry and Psychological Medicines.

Apart from managing regular outpatient department and admissions at various NGO’s in Mumbai he is also the founder of Child Guidance Centre at Keshav Gore Smarak Trust, Mumbai and is involved in conducting training workshops for teachers, parents and counselors who intend to pursue counseling in schools.

Dr. Deshpande has been instrumental in initiating community programs for alcohol and drug rehabilitation at Anmol Jeevan Foundation and many others NGO in carrying out the message of hope and recovery for the still suffering addicts.

Dr. Deshpande was also the Class A trustee of the General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous India and has been invited by the Judiciary, Military, Police, Media, Academicians as well as common men and women to share and educate people on addiction and recovery.

Dr. Deshpande’s work in the field of addiction and recovery led him to be selected in Satyameva Jayate - An Aamir Khan Production show, in the episode on Alcoholism and has been appreciated by millions all over the Globe.
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Mr. Bhupinder Singh
  Mr. Bhupinder Singh
Mr. Abdus Salam Ali Dabir
  Mr. Abdus Salam Ali Dabir is a first generation entrepreneur and a Mechanical Engineer by profession with many years of experience in Heavy Industries. He is Proprietor of “DabirIndustries”, a state of the art ‘precision component manufacturing facility’ catering to the critical requirement of Aerospace, Nuclear, Petrochemical, Pharma and Architectural Hardware industry sector.

Mr. Dabir is also Managing Director of ‘DabirPrecitech Pvt. Ltd’. The company has a very well laid and equipped ‘investment casting foundry’ at Ambernath and has strong reputation of handling challenging assignments for critical industry sectors such as: Ortho Implant, Power Control and Advanced Engineering.

Mr. Dabir employs over 200 people in his companies and is the recipient of the 1st position award in MSME Sector of “Jillah Udhyog Kendra” – Thane. He is also the President of “Pokhran Lake Small Scale Industries Association” – Upvan, Thane.
Mr. Aamir Nazim Rais
  Mr. Aamir Nazim Rais is a B.A. graduate with a Diploma in Management from Wellingkar (D.B.M.) and has recently completed a certificate course at TISS in Gerontology. He is a renowned businessman, dealing in Corporate Gifts.

Mr. Rais is active in contributing his precious time and effort towards social issues. He is also a part of an international organization “Sunni Dawate Islam”.
Mr. Naseem Aamir Rais
  Mrs. Naseem Aamir Rais is a B.Com graduate and a B.Ed in Learning Disability. She has also completed her Diploma in Counselling from TISS. She has been working as a special educator for children with learning disability for the past 10 years and as such has a lot of valuable experience working with children and their parents.

Mrs. Rais has been guiding the families of drug and alcohol addicts (co-dependents) over the past several years, trying to understand what the parents/spouses of addicts are going through with empathy. She strives towards providing support and emotional strength for families of suffering addicts to deal with their loved one’s disease and recovery.
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